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photo - Elementary School Students Wearing Masks and Standing in a Line Outside of School Video: Californians and Education PPIC’s Rachel Lawler and Mark Baldassare discuss new survey findings about Californians’ views on student learning during the pandemic, Governor Newsom’s handling of K–12 education, and other topics. Read More
photo - Boy at Home Studying with Laptop How Did California Schools Assess Student Learning in Fall 2020? K–12 school districts used a variety of tools this past fall to measure student learning, with assessments developed locally—by teachers or districts—being the most common. Read More
photo - High School Student Wearing Mask and Taking Test on Lap Top COVID-19 Further Disrupts Testing for College Admissions and Placement As the pandemic continues to cause major shifts in the educational landscape, California’s public colleges and universities are exploring how new admissions and placement approaches might promote equity and access. Read More
photo - Boy at Home Studying with Laptop Without Testing, Challenges for School Districts Add Up The lack of statewide K–12 standardized tests this spring will pose significant difficulties for teachers and districts when schools ultimately reopen. Read More
Photo - Students walking on UCLA college campus COVID-19 Alters College Admissions UC and CSU are allowing greater flexibility in requirements for fall 2021 admission, but disadvantaged students may still face unique barriers to access. Read More
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