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top two primary

HandsVoteButtons Primary Takeaways: Democracy Is Alive and Well in California Highest turnout for a gubernatorial primary since 2000, surging independent voter participation, and diverse statewide candidates—democracy is alive and well in California. Read More
Vote Here Sign And American Flags Will California’s Red Districts Turn Blue in November? The primary results offer some insight into how Californians will vote in the general election, but whether Democrats can turn Republican-held districts blue remains to be seen. Read More
photo - Capitol Building, Sacramento, California A Preview of the California Governor’s Election California’s next governor will be either Gavin Newsom or John Cox—what draws voters to these candidates? Read More
California flag and ballot box Commentary: California’s Top-Two Primary, Explained The California governor’s race and all its key House races will feature a Democrat against a Republican in the fall campaign. What would normally be an unremarkable statement counts as breaking news for California. Read More
A 2018 Election Vote button on a pile of other buttons The Top Two and Turnout in California’s Primary California's top-two primary system could mean a one-party gubernatorial race in November, with serious implications for Republican turnout. Read More
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