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photo - Warehouse Worker Wearing Face Mask and Protective Workwear Checking Products Using Tablet Farms, Freight, and Retail Support the Recovery in Central California Central California is seeing promising signals from certain industries as well as hard-hit sectors. Still, the economic situation across this region remains uncertain. Read More
photo - Waitress Wearing a Mask and Gloves, Disinfecting Tables in a Restaurant One Year Later, Is California on the Road to Recovery? California’s economy has made strides in recovering from the COVID-19 downturn. But continued un- and underemployment—especially among groups who have been hit hardest—is a major concern. Read More
photo - Supermarket Worker Arranging Vegetables and Wearing Mask Multiple Challenges for Women in the COVID-19 Economy The pandemic and resulting economic downturn have had a disproportionate effect on women, many of whom must balance work, caregiving responsibilities, and health concerns. Read More
photo - Cashier Scanning Products at a Grocery Store Wearing a Mask The Economic Toll of COVID-19 on Women The current downturn has created a gender divide in un- and underemployment in California, with an especially large impact on low-income women and women of color. Read More
photo - Hotel Maid Making Bed and Wearing Mask Better Days for California’s Labor Market, but Will They Last? The California job market has recovered faster than the nation, with sectors hit hardest by the pandemic leading growth, but over a million workers remain un- and underemployed. Read More
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