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photo - Woman Wearing Mask at Mailbox, Mailing in Ballot Video: Vote-by-Mail and Voter Turnout in the Pandemic Election PPIC’s Eric McGhee discusses new research on how changes to election policies and processes affected voter turnout in California and the nation. Read More
photo - Vote 2020 Buttons Election Takeaways: California Voters Send Conflicting Signals Nearly 18 million Californians voted in the November 2020 election—an all-time high. PPIC’s Mark Baldassare discusses the final election results and what they say about Californians’ mindset and policy preferences in a year of unprecedented challenges. Read More
photo - I Voted Today Stickers and the US Flag Election Day and California’s Future In a year of unprecedented crises, Californians express a high level of enthusiasm about voting, and the state appears on course to set a modern-day record for voter turnout. Read More
photo - People Voting and Waiting in Line to Vote Voting Problems in March May Have Discouraged Some LA Voters The in-person voting backlogs in Los Angeles County’s March primary underscore the importance of steps taken in LA and elsewhere to ensure a smooth process at polling places in November. Read More
photo - Vote Buttons Video: A 2020 Election Preview Politico’s Carla Marinucci moderates an expert panel of four other leading journalists – Perry Bacon Jr., Priya David Clemens, Tamara Keith, and Jennifer Medina – discussing the upcoming election and the political landscape in California and nationally. Read More
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