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water bond

From left, Satya Gala, GEI Consultants, Inc. project manager, Jessi Snyder, community development manager for Self-Help Enterprises, and Steve Doe, Department of Water Resources project manager for the East Porterville Water Supply Project, gather at Well C1 in Tulare County, California on February 21, 2017.

Florence Low / California Department of Water Resources, FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY Voters Favor New Water Bond. What Are They Missing? The PPIC Statewide Survey finds strong support for an upcoming state water bond among California likely voters. But bonds have some significant shortcomings in addressing key water needs. Read More
California State Capital Video: Preview of the California Primary Gavin Newsom surges ahead as likely voters' top choice for governor. Voters' main issue is immigration, followed by gun control and school safety. Read More
Sunset Over the Delta In Memoriam: Dave Cogdill A tribute to Dave Cogdill--a valued friend and trusted advisor to PPIC and a respected member of the PPIC Water Policy Center’s advisory council. Read More
OrovilleRiver Drought Watch: Getting More Pop per Drop PPIC senior fellow Ellen Hanak testified to the Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Committee about the recent history of the state’s water finance. Read More
StreetFlood Testimony: Addressing California’s Growing Flood Risk As a reminder that California is never more than one big storm away from flood problems—even when reeling from drought—the topic of an Assembly committee hearing yesterday was flood management. Read More
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