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Climate Change/Energy

photo - Lake with Very Low Water from Years of Drought in California Video: Is California Ready for Drought? Drought brings greater risks to some sectors and communities. At this virtual event, experts discussed the latest drought, and how to reduce its impacts to vulnerable sectors. Read More
photo - Low Water Level at New Melones Lake, California Anticipating and Addressing the Impacts of the Drought With the latest drought off to a strong start, what lessons can we learn from the last major dry period—and what actions can we take to manage it? Read More
photo - Sandy Shoreline of Lake with Low Water Level California’s Latest Drought in 4 Charts California is in drought again. Knowing what’s different and what’s similar compared to the past major drought can help us better prepare the most vulnerable sectors. Read More
photo - US Senator Alex Padilla Video: A Conversation with US Senator Alex Padilla Senator Padilla talks about what he hopes to accomplish in Washington and the importance of federal policymakers’ efforts on COVID-19 relief, infrastructure, and immigration reform. Read More
photo - Elk River Why Is It Taking So Long to Restore the Sediment-Choked Elk River? The Elk River was damaged by landslides from logged land more than 20 years ago, which harmed fisheries and drinking water supplies. Darren Mierau of CalTrout talks about ongoing efforts to restore the river. Read More
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