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Criminal Justice

photo - Police Officer's Badge Black Californians Stand Out in Views of Police Treatment About one in five African Americans believe the police treat all racial and ethnic groups fairly, compared with half or more of whites, Asian Americans, and Latinos who believe this. Read More
photo - Judge Holding Gavel in Courtroom New Bail Ruling Could Affect Tens of Thousands of Californians A recent California Supreme Court ruling forbids keeping arrestees in jail because they cannot afford to pay bail. What are the potential implications for the state’s criminal justice system? Read More
photo - Young Woman Standing in the Middle of a Crowded Street Half of Asian Americans Say Race Relations Have Worsened Californians’ views of race relations vary across racial/ethnic groups, with Asian Americans the most likely to say that race relations in the US are worse than they were a year ago. Read More
photo - Prison California’s Prison Population Drops Sharply, but Overcrowding Still Threatens Prisoner Health The state’s prison population declined by more than 20% in 2020 as authorities took steps to address the COVID-19 pandemic. But some California prisons are still well above capacity, posing potential health risks for prisoners and prison workers. Read More
Us Capitol From A Distance Where We Stand PPIC president and CEO Mark Baldassare condemns the recent attack on the US Capitol and underscores the importance of shared knowledge and fact-based dialogue during this time of upheaval. Read More
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