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photo - Drying Lake Commentary: How Better Data Can Help California Avoid a Drinking Water Crisis As California’s drought enters its second year, new reporting systems can help Central Valley communities take action before the taps run dry. Read More
photo - California Aqueduct System, Pumping Plant, San Luis Canal How Water Bonds Plug Spending Holes As California responds to yet another drought and prepares for a future of greater climate extremes, securing funding to boost the water system’s resilience is a top priority. Read More
photo - Sunset Views in Santa Cruz Mountains, California Will Drought Fan the Flames this Fire Season? Will the drought worsen this year’s fire season? We talked to Scott Stephens―a fire ecologist at UC Berkeley―about the risks, and what can be done. Read More
photo - Wildfire in California State Makes Progress on Wildfire and Forest Health Policy The governor and legislature have pushed for reforms to improve the state’s resilience to wildfire. Here’s a summary of some high-profile policy reforms. Read More
photo - Lake with Very Low Water from Years of Drought in California Video: Is California Ready for Drought? Drought brings greater risks to some sectors and communities. At this virtual event, experts discussed the latest drought, and how to reduce its impacts to vulnerable sectors. Read More
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