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photo - California Aqueduct in Kern County, California Pixel CA DWR Video: Building Resilience for Cities and Farms with Water Partnerships Moving from competition to cooperation can help solve water problems facing farms in the San Joaquin Valley and cities in Southern California. A panel of experts discussed how water partnerships can help address both regions’ needs. Read More
photo - San Luis Canal California Aqueduct in Merced County, California Pixel Ca Dwr Commentary: Water Markets Can Reduce the Costs of Drought California’s warming climate is making droughts more intense, complicating water management. A new water futures market provides a tool to insure against price shocks arising from drought-fueled shortages. Read More
photo - Los Angeles Skyline at Dawn Commentary: Water Partnerships between Cities and Farms Would Help Prepare for a Changing Climate San Joaquin Valley farms and Southern California cities face different but equally daunting water challenges. Both regions’ water futures could be more secure if they jointly developed and managed some water supplies. Read More
photo - Low Water Drought Conditions at Folsom Dam And Lake, Pixel CA DWR Droughts Aren’t Just About Water Anymore An increasingly “thirsty atmosphere” in California and the West is influencing drought. We talked to climate scientist Mike Dettinger about this phenomenon. Read More
photo - Sunset over the Tuolumne River Video: Building a Water-Resilient California What are key California water priorities for the coming year, in light of ongoing disruptions from the pandemic, the recession, lingering drought, and a record-breaking fire season? Panels of experts discussed three top priorities. Read More
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