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photo - Customer Paying for Meal in Restaurant California Is Inching toward a Jobs Recovery Job growth and wage gains, especially in the leisure and hospitality sector, show that some hard-hit California workers are benefitting from the current recovery. Read More
photo - University of California Los Angeles Campus, Aerial View Enrollment Increases Will Require More Housing for UC and CSU Students Increased enrollment at the University of California and California State University is good news for our state. But as campuses enroll more students, housing those students can be a challenge. Read More
photo - Close Up Of Redwood Burl Wood Grain Texture How Wood Products Could Lower the Cost of Forest Management California’s forests need thinning to reduce wildfire risk and protect precious water supplies, but who will pay for the work? Selling wood products could stretch the state’s budget—and provide valuable employment opportunities. Read More
photo - Homeless Tents Beside Skyscrapers in Los Angeles Downtown at Night Californians Want Policies that Close the Gap between Rich and Poor About two in three Californians—including majorities across regions and demographic groups—say that the state should do more to reduce income inequality. Read More
photo - Sunrise in Redwood National Park Building Capacity for Long-term Forest Stewardship California urgently needs to improve the health of its headwater forests—both to prevent future catastrophic wildfires and to protect its water supply. Local partnerships can be part of the solution. Read More
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