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photo - Wildflowers at Wind Wolves Preserve in Bakersfield, California Creating a Place for Nature in the San Joaquin Valley The quest for groundwater sustainability will result in large amounts of irrigated farmland being retired in the San Joaquin Valley. We talked to Scott Butterfield of The Nature Conservancy about how some of these lands could be restored to natural areas that bring multiple benefits. Read More
photo - Elk River Why Is It Taking So Long to Restore the Sediment-Choked Elk River? The Elk River was damaged by landslides from logged land more than 20 years ago, which harmed fisheries and drinking water supplies. Darren Mierau of CalTrout talks about ongoing efforts to restore the river. Read More
photo - photo - salmon-pixel-ca-dwr-KMG_gopro_fish_14043 Commentary: As Drought Alarms Sound, Don’t Ignore the Environment The last major drought caused unprecedented stress to California’s freshwater ecosystems and pushed many native species to the brink. Are we ready this time to better manage ecosystems through another drought? Read More
photo - California Vegetable Farm Using Irrigation Video: Water Use in California With the possibility of another drought looming, knowing how water is allocated can make it easier to understand the difficult tradeoffs needed in times of scarcity. Read More
photo - Sacramento River, California Pixel CA DWR Video: Improving the Health of California’s Freshwater Ecosystems California’s freshwater ecosystems are in poor health, and the current approach for managing them is not working. Jeff Mount, senior fellow at the PPIC Water Policy Center, describes a path for improving their condition to protect the benefits they bring. Read More
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