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photo - Lake Clementine Dam, on the North Fork American River, California Operating Dams to Better Manage Big Storms Can Build Resiliency to Climate Extremes California’s reservoirs are operated using outdated assumptions about climate. Advances in weather forecasting can improve how they manage big storms. We talked to Martin Ralph of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography about this approach. Read More
photo - Sunset over the Tuolumne River Video: Building a Water-Resilient California What are key California water priorities for the coming year, in light of ongoing disruptions from the pandemic, the recession, lingering drought, and a record-breaking fire season? Panels of experts discussed three top priorities. Read More
photo - Installation of a New Diversion Pipeline, Pixel CA DWR Commentary: 3 Lessons for California’s Water Funding Challenges in Today’s Recession California’s water managers have been busy keeping water systems safe and operational during the COVID-19 pandemic. But addressing the fiscal consequences of the economic recession is just beginning. Read More
photo - Green Gulch Zen Center Restoration Project, from Accelerating Restoration Program A Faster Track for Ecosystem Restoration The state’s rivers and aquatic species are in trouble, but restoration projects are often slowed by complex permitting requirements. We talked to Erika Lovejoy of Sustainable Conservation about efforts to simplify the process. Read More
photo - Flooded Campground Next to the South Fork of the American River High and Rising: Flood Risk in California Grows As the climate warms, California storms are getting more intense—adding to the state’s already high flood risk. Developing a better understanding of current and future flood vulnerability is essential to managing this risk. Read More
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