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Political Landscape

photo - People Sitting in a Row Six in Ten Californians See Racism as a Big Problem Similar to a year ago—when nationwide protests over systemic racism were at their height—a majority of Californians say racism is a big problem, with views varying across racial/ethnic groups. Read More
photo - Waving US Flags at a Campaign Rally Would a Party Endorsement Matter in the Recall? Later this week, California Republican Party delegates will consider endorsing a replacement candidate in the gubernatorial recall. Given the large number of candidates, an endorsement could be consequential. Read More
photo - California State Capitol and Palm Trees What’s Wrong with the Recall? An overwhelming majority of California likely voters say it is a good thing that there is a process for recalling elected officials. But more than two-thirds say the current recall is a waste of money, and a similar share say the recall process should be changed. Read More
photo - American Voters California’s Politically Invisible California voters are older, better educated, wealthier, and more likely to be white than Californians who don’t vote. This gap between the voting public and Californians as a whole can make election results unrepresentative. Read More
photo - Multi-generation Family Video: Immigrants in California A new PPIC video provides an overview of immigration in California: it covers key facts, highlights important trends, and looks at Californians’ views on immigration reform. Read More
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