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photo - American Voters California’s Politically Invisible California voters are older, better educated, wealthier, and more likely to be white than Californians who don’t vote. This gap between the voting public and Californians as a whole can make election results unrepresentative. Read More
photo - Multi-generation Family Video: Immigrants in California A new PPIC video provides an overview of immigration in California: it covers key facts, highlights important trends, and looks at Californians’ views on immigration reform. Read More
photo - School Children/Students Using Computers For California’s Educational Data System, Public Support Will Be Key California has ambitious plans to build one of the most connected data systems in the nation. Sustained public and financial support is essential to its success. Read More
photo - Homeless Tents Beside Skyscrapers in Los Angeles Downtown at Night Californians Want Policies that Close the Gap between Rich and Poor About two in three Californians—including majorities across regions and demographic groups—say that the state should do more to reduce income inequality. Read More
photo - Young girl visiting the pediatrician Video: Health Coverage and Care for Undocumented Immigrants in California PPIC researcher Paulette Cha discusses a new report on the ways that undocumented immigrants connect with the health care system and implications for public policy. Read More
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