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PPIC Water Policy Center

photo - Sacramento River, California Pixel CA DWR Video: Improving the Health of California’s Freshwater Ecosystems California’s freshwater ecosystems are in poor health, and the current approach for managing them is not working. Jeff Mount, senior fellow at the PPIC Water Policy Center, describes a path for improving their condition to protect the benefits they bring. Read More
photo - Wetlands and the Diablo Range Mountains in the background, in San Jose, California Smoothing the Bumps in the Road to Ecosystem Restoration California’s environmental permitting system was developed to prevent bad things from happening to ecosystems, but it often slows efforts to do good things, too. We talked with a group of experts about how to make the process more efficient and effective. Read More
photo - Stanislaus River in Calaveras Big Trees State Park, California Video: The Path to Healthy Headwater Forests The worst wildfire year in California history prompted new efforts to manage Sierra forests to improve their resilience to fire and drought. A panel of experts discussed ways to increase the pace and scale of management to restore forest health. Read More
photo - Sequoia National Park Mountain Landscape in Autumn Accounting for a Decade of Headwater Forest Management As California accelerates management of headwater forests to reduce wildfire risk, understanding past efforts is useful. Yet data on such work is lacking. PPIC did a basic accounting of the past decade of forest management, which has lessons for going forward. Read More
photo - California Aqueduct in Kern County, California Pixel CA DWR Video: Building Resilience for Cities and Farms with Water Partnerships Moving from competition to cooperation can help solve water problems facing farms in the San Joaquin Valley and cities in Southern California. A panel of experts discussed how water partnerships can help address both regions’ needs. Read More
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