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Water Quality

Native American Day Celebration-pixel-ca-dwr-JRC_native_american_day2-3929 Ensuring Safe Drinking Water for California’s Native American Communities California’s tribes frequently lack access to safe drinking water—and lack the funds to fix aging infrastructure. A new state program may help improve the situation. Read More
photo - Drying Lake Commentary: How Better Data Can Help California Avoid a Drinking Water Crisis As California’s drought enters its second year, new reporting systems can help Central Valley communities take action before the taps run dry. Read More
photo - Woman Holding a Glass of Water A Look at California’s Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Gaps A new state study identified a $4.6 billion funding gap to resolve safe drinking water problems over five years. We talked to UCLA’s Greg Pierce, the study’s lead researcher, about the findings. Read More
Us Capitol From A Distance Where We Stand PPIC president and CEO Mark Baldassare condemns the recent attack on the US Capitol and underscores the importance of shared knowledge and fact-based dialogue during this time of upheaval. Read More
Whitewater Rapids in California Forest, in Winter Turning the Page on a Disruptive Year in the Water World Ellen Hanak, director of the PPIC Water Policy Center, describes some of 2020’s more pressing water-world challenges, and the center’s response to them. Read More
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