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Water Supply

photo - Waterfall at the Sacramento River Headwaters How Water Agencies Could Catalyze Headwater Forest Management Forest managers, community and environmental stakeholders, and policymakers alike have called for an increase in the pace and scale of proactive forest management to prevent extreme wildfires. Could water agencies lead the effort? Read More
photo - Lake Mead Cultivating Optimism as Drought Cripples the Colorado River Reservoir levels have fallen to historic lows in the Colorado River Basin, as the region grapples with a record-shattering drought. Two experts share insights—and reasons for optimism. Read More
photo - Farmer in a cannabis field How Does Cannabis Cultivation Affect California’s Water? The number of cannabis farms in California has grown dramatically in recent years. How is this affecting the state’s water? Read More
Native American Day Celebration-pixel-ca-dwr-JRC_native_american_day2-3929 Ensuring Safe Drinking Water for California’s Native American Communities California’s tribes frequently lack access to safe drinking water—and lack the funds to fix aging infrastructure. A new state program may help improve the situation. Read More
photo - Drying Lake Commentary: How Better Data Can Help California Avoid a Drinking Water Crisis As California’s drought enters its second year, new reporting systems can help Central Valley communities take action before the taps run dry. Read More
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