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Art Pulaski

Art Pulaski is executive secretary-treasurer of the California Labor Federation (CLF), which represents 2.1 million members of nearly 1,000 manufacturing, transportation, construction, service, and public sector unions. He was elected to lead the CLF in 1996, having begun his career in organized labor at age 16 when, as a supermarket clerk, he joined the Amalgamated Meat Cutters Union. After working his way through college and graduate school, he worked as a union and community organizer and held a number of union offices before being elected to his current position. The federation coordinates the California labor movement on legislation, politics, and larger issues such as minimum wage, healthcare reform, and income inequality. He has built coalitions with unions, community groups, and faith-based organizations. He has also served on numerous gubernatorial panels and commissions looking at economic progress and workforce development. He has been a founder of several nonprofit organizations designed to support the interests of California’s working families.