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photo - Toddler and Mother on Lap TopSupporting Student Parents in Community College CalWORKs Programs

All community colleges run support programs for students who receive CalWORKs, the state’s cash assistance program for poor families with children. Students do better when…

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Cover photo of Higher Education in California: 2017 UpdateHigher Education in California

Higher education is a key driver of economic growth and individual opportunity in California. Substantial gains in college enrollment and graduation rates—particularly among historically underrepresented…

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photo - University of California, Los AngelesHigher Education in California: California’s Higher Education System

California’s higher education system is the largest—and among the most diverse—in the nation. It has three public segments, as well as more than 150 private…

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College Affordablility Financial Aid OfficeHigher Education in California: Making College Affordable

After doubling during the Great Recession, tuition at California’s public universities has leveled off. However, non-tuition costs are significant, especially for students from low-income families.…

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photo - Students Walking on UCLA CampusState Financial Aid in California

California’s financial aid programs help large numbers of middle- and low-income students attend college–but many are excluded by complex eligibility requirements, and most non-tuition costs…

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image - College Graduate with her ParentsHigher Education as a Driver of Economic Mobility

Higher education is key in helping Californians move up the income ladder—but equity gaps are a big challenge. Among young adults born in California, 60%…

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photo - college graduates huggingPPIC Statewide Survey: Californians and Higher Education

Key findings: Most Californians think public higher education should be a high priority for the next governor; many are ready for a change in policies.…

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photo - College Students Studying on CampusCalifornia’s Tuition Policy for Higher Education: The Impact of Tuition Increases on Affordability, Access, and Quality

Tuition has risen dramatically at California’s public colleges and universities, and costs are often unpredictable from year to year. Recent recessions highlighted the strengths and…

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