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photo - Eagle Falls and view of Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe, CaliforniaPriorities for California’s Water

California’s water landscape was disrupted by the pandemic, recession, ongoing drought, and wildfires this year. This report lays out priorities for federal, state, and local…

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photo - Fly Fishing on the Owens RiverA Path Forward for California’s Freshwater Ecosystems

California’s freshwater ecosystems are under pressure and its aquatic biodiversity is in decline. The state needs a new approach to protect the many beneficial uses…

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Cover shot of California's WaterCalifornia’s Water

Climate change, population growth, and declining ecosystem health are putting pressures on the state’s water management systems. This briefing kit captures the latest research and…

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photo - Water Pouring Into GlassCalifornia’s Water: Paying for Water

Sustainable solutions by state and local leaders are needed to close serious funding gaps in a number of critical areas of water management—including floods, water…

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photo - Delta FarmingCalifornia’s Water: The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta

The Delta is the deteriorating, fragile hub of California’s water supply system. Critical decisions about its future are pending. This brief looks at various approaches…

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photo - Wildlife Refuge with BirdsCalifornia’s Water: Water for the Environment

River and wetland ecosystems in California—and the many birds, fish, and other species they support—are in serious decline. Major investments and novel approaches are needed…

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photo - Delta - Carson JeffresA New Approach to Accounting for Environmental Water: Insights from the Sacramento–San Joaquin Delta

How water is apportioned to California’s cities, farms, and the environment can lead to conflict and competition in times of drought. Allocation of water to…

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photo - steelhead troutManaging California’s Freshwater Ecosystems: Lessons from the 2012-16 Drought

The 2012–16 drought caused unprecedented stress to California’s ecosystems and pushed many native species to the brink of extinction. It also tested the laws, policies,…

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