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photo - Old Lady in Soup Kitchen LinePoverty in California

Nearly one in six Californians lack enough resources to meet basic needs. Altogether, more than a third of Californians are living in or near poverty.

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photo - Young Girl Visiting PediatricianHealth Coverage and Care for Undocumented Immigrants: An Update

COVID-19 has revealed how gaps in health care coverage among immigrants can put the health of entire communities at risk. This report updates findings on…

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photo - Doctor Listening to Patient's Heart in HospitalHealth Care Reform in California

Coverage expansions under the Affordable Care Act likely kept many Californians insured in 2020.

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photo - Doctor Listening to Heart of Young Patient in Exam RoomImmigrants and Health in California

Immigrants and their families have limited health care coverage, even as many face disproportionate health risks, especially during the pandemic.

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photo - Teacher Delivering Instruction OnlineDistance Learning Strategies in California Schools

Learning gaps are a growing concern after a year of online instruction. During the pandemic, uneven distribution of resources may have widened gaps and led…

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photo - Students Group On CampusImmigrants and Education in California

Educational attainment among California’s recent immigrants has risen markedly. Immigrants now make up 31% of California workers with at least a bachelor’s degree. However, immigrants…

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Photo of a multi-generational familyImmigrants in California

California is home to almost 11 million immigrants—about a quarter of the foreign-born population nationwide. More than half (53%) of California’s immigrants are naturalized US…

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Crowd Of Diverse People 800×528California’s Population

California’s population skyrocketed during the 20th century, but growth slowed dramatically in recent decades and then ground to a halt in 2020. More than a…

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