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Video: Making the Most of a Wet Year

By Sarah Bardeen

May 1, 2023 ... ... rain and snow has helped transform what was a grim water supply situation, ... some of that excess water for the dry times that will return.

Fact Sheet

Water Use in California

By Jeffrey Mount, Ellen Hanak, Caitlin Peterson

The damage to freshwater ecosystems and species can take years to repair. Drought and SGMA will impact future water use. Cities avoided major supply disruptions ...

Fact Sheet

Water Use in California’s Environment

By Jeffrey Mount, Caitlin Peterson, Gokce Sencan

Apr 27, 2023 ... What exactly is “environmental water,” and how much water does ... Allocating a portion of supplies to the environment—rather than managing ...

Fact Sheet

Water Use in California’s Communities

By Andrew Ayres, Caitlin Peterson, Annabelle Rosser

Apr 27, 2023 ... Drought and climate change are prompting cities to invest in supply resilience. Larger utilities have been investing in conservation, storage, ...

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Helping Communities Meet Their Basic Water Needs

By Zaira Joaquín Morales

Apr 17, 2023 ... This week, State Water Contractors general manager Jennifer Pierre speaks ... This increased flexibility will improve local water supply ...