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Fact Sheet

Census-Related Funding in California

By Patrick Murphy, Caroline Danielson

A number of federal programs draw on population estimates derived from the 2010 Census to calculate the share of federal funding for each state. The 2020 Census ...

blog post

New Census Data Sheds Light on California’s Changes

By Eric McGhee, Jennifer Paluch, Vicki Hsieh

Aug 17, 2021 ... The 2020 Census shows that California's population—while increasing only a little—has become both more diverse and less rural in the past ...


Counting California: Challenges for the 2020 Census

By Sarah Bohn, Eric McGhee, Lynette Ubois

The consequences of every decennial census are deep and long lasting-political representation and the allocation of billions in federal dollars are on the line.

Fact Sheet

Californians and the 2020 Census

By Sarah Bohn, Joseph Hayes, Tess Thorman

With a $15.6 billion budget, the Census Bureau will aim to gather a few key facts about all residents—address, age, race/ethnicity, home ownership, ...


2020 Census

The decennial census plays an essential role in American democracy. The COVID-19 pandemic complicated the 2020 Census and its aftermath.

blog post

2020 Census: Counting the San Joaquin Valley

By Tess Thorman, Sarah Bohn, Vicki Hsieh

Aug 30, 2018 ... The decennial census plays an essential role in American democracy. The stakes are huge for California, and 2020 is fast approaching.