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Criminal Justice

We examine California's criminal justice system and the impact of reform, focusing on costs, effectiveness, and public safety.


Reforming Pretrial Justice in California

By Heather Harris, Magnus Lofstrom

In 2018, the governor signed Senate Bill 10 (SB 10) to eliminate money bail and require the use of risk assessment tools when making pretrial release decisions.

Fact Sheet

Juvenile Justice in California

By Joseph Hayes, Sonya Tafoya

In addition to local law enforcement, county probation departments and juvenile courts work with local school districts and child welfare and behavioral health ...

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New Laws Expand Criminal Justice Reforms

By Brandon Martin, Justin Goss

Nov 7, 2017 ... ... recently signed a number of bills that extend the state's efforts to reform California's adult and juvenile criminal justice system.


California’s Future: Criminal Justice

By Magnus Lofstrom, Brandon Martin

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated California's recent efforts to reduce incarceration. Along with widespread protest after the killing of George Floyd, ...