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Fact Sheet

The CalFresh Food Assistance Program

By Caroline Danielson, Daniel Tan

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)—called CalFresh in California and sometimes known as food stamps—is the largest food assistance program ...

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Food Assistance Linked to Student Success in College

By Rebecca London, Brandon Balzer Carr

May 9, 2019 ... With many University of California students struggling to afford food and other basic needs, enrollment in the CalFresh food assistance ...

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Testimony: Measuring Poverty in California

By Sarah Bohn

Jan 8, 2014 ... ... a hearing about California's food stamp program, known as CalFresh. ... and in-kind benefits (like food stamps and housing subsidies).

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Examining the Federal EITC’s Impact on Poverty

By Tess Thorman, Caroline Danielson, Sarah Bohn

Jan 25, 2018 ... This reduction in poverty makes the EITC nearly comparable to CalFresh (formerly known as food stamps), the safety net program that keeps ...

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Is California the Poorest State?

By Caroline Danielson, Sarah Bohn

Sep 29, 2014 ... It adds together a family's cash income (after taxes) and any in-kind benefits received (like food stamps and housing assistance), ...

Fact Sheet

The WIC Program in California

By Monica Bandy

In addition, applicants are evaluated for nutrition and health risks. WIC participants must purchase specific foods (for example, milk and eggs) using vouchers ...