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Fact Sheet

California’s Likely Voters

By Mark Baldassare, Dean Bonner, Rachel Lawler, Deja Thomas

Voter registration and enthusiasm will play a role in the September recall election of Governor Newsom. In the lead up to the 2003 recall of Governor Davis, ...

Fact Sheet

California’s Independent Voters

By Mark Baldassare, Lunna Lopes, Dean Bonner, Alyssa Dykman

Independents are now California's second-largest voting bloc. Most lean toward a major ... figure - Party registration in gubernatorial election years.

Fact Sheet

Voter Participation in California

By Mark Baldassare, Lunna Lopes, Dean Bonner, David Kordus

Continuing a recent trend, primary election participation declined 8 percentage points from the June 2010 gubernatorial primary. General election turnout fell ...

Statewide Survey

PPIC Statewide Survey: Californians and Their Government

By Mark Baldassare, Renatta DeFever, Lunna Lopes, Dean Bonner

Governor Brown leads Neel Kashkari by 16 points in the gubernatorial election; attention to election news and enthusiasm about voting is lower than in past ...

Fact Sheet

California Voter and Party Profiles

By Mark Baldassare, Dean Bonner, Rachel Lawler, Deja Thomas

The share of registered voters who are Democrats (46.5%) has increased from 2017 (44.8%), the year preceding the last gubernatorial election, while the ...

blog post

What’s Wrong with the Recall?

By Mark Baldassare

Jul 27, 2021 ... This post is about the election context, with a focus on voters' continuing positive views of Governor Newsom and their generally negative ...