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New Water Rules for Marijuana Growers

By Henry McCann

Dec 5, 2017 ... Marijuana growers who plan on growing cannabis on private land next season will encounter new state requirements to address the crop's ...

Fact Sheet

Californians’ Attitudes Toward Marijuana Legalization

By Mark Baldassare, Lunna Lopes, Dean Bonner

Since then, 22 other states have passed medical marijuana laws. In September 2010, Governor Schwarzenegger signed SB 1449 into law, which made the sanction for ...

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California Streams Going to Pot from Marijuana Boom

By Caitrin Chappelle, Lori Pottinger

Jul 23, 2015 ... California has seen a recent boom in marijuana farms, mostly on private lands but also illegal grows on public lands such as national ...


Regulating Marijuana in California

By Patrick Murphy, John Carnevale

Twenty years later, four states and the District of Columbia have legalized recreational marijuana use. In November 2016, Californians will be asked whether the ...

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California’s Marijuana Majority

By Mark Baldassare

Dec 16, 2016 ... Mark Baldassare, PPIC president and CEO and director of the PPIC Statewide Survey, spoke at the Pacific Chapter of the American Association ...

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New Water Laws Address Groundwater, Marijuana

By Caitrin Chappelle, Henry McCann

Oct 15, 2015 ... As the California legislative session came to a close, Governor Brown signed more than 20 bills that address different aspects of water ...

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Regulating Marijuana as a Crop

By Patrick Murphy, Van Butsic

May 9, 2016 ... Last year the state legislature passed laws designed to regulate medical marijuana production. Should Californians vote to legalize recreational ...

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What’s Next for Legalized Marijuana?

By Patrick Murphy, John Carnevale

Nov 30, 2016 ... But in voting to legalize recreational marijuana, Californians were very much in step with the rest of the country.

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Regulating Marijuana

By Patrick Murphy, Lunna Lopes

Jul 22, 2015 ... In all likelihood, California voters will be asked to decide the legal status of marijuana on the 2016 ballot. Advocates of legalization are ...