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Fact Sheet

Higher Education Funding in California

By Kevin Cook

CSU funding per student has also fallen by about 25% since 1976–77 from slightly more than $11,000 per student to slightly less than $9,000. In response to ...

Fact Sheet

Financing California’s Public Schools

By Patrick Murphy, Jennifer Paluch

Most funding for California's public schools comes from the state. Per pupil funding has increased dramatically over the past several years, but school ...


Targeted K–12 Funding and Student Outcomes

By Julien Lafortune

5 days ago ... Districts with no high-need students receive no additional funding per student on top of the base grant. For every additional high-need student, ...


Higher Education in California: Institutional Costs

By Hans Johnson, Patrick Murphy, Margaret Weston, Kevin Cook

Recent increases in General Fund allocations to 2013-14 are relatively small (less than 10% per student), and state support for UC and CSU students remains near ...