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Changing Views of Police and Race Relations

By Mark Baldassare, Dean Bonner, Alyssa Dykman, Rachel Lawler

Sep 22, 2020 ... Californians' views on police treatment and race relations have shifted in the wake of nationwide protests over police brutality and ...

Fact Sheet

Law Enforcement Staffing in California

By Magnus Lofstrom, Brandon Martin

Following a year of mass protests against racial injustice and police brutality, Californians share national concerns about policing.

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Who Do California’s Police Officers Stop – and Why?

By Amalia Mejia, Brandon Martin, Magnus Lofstrom

Sep 29, 2021 ... Here we assess how Latino residents fit into the picture, examining outcomes with the California Highway Patrol (CHP) and local law enforcement ...

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How Much Do California Cities Spend on Policing?

By Brandon Martin, Alexandria Gumbs

Oct 2, 2020 ... Calls to reexamine police funding have become commonplace amid recent protests against racial injustice and the deaths of African Americans ...

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How Prevalent Is Policing in California Schools?

By Andrew Lee, Joseph Hayes

Sep 2, 2020 ... Most California schools with SROs contract with local police departments, but some districts have departments dedicated entirely to school ...

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How Will COVID-19 Affect Arrests in California?

By Alexandria Gumbs, Joseph Hayes

Apr 16, 2020 ... With some police departments starting to issue warnings or citations rather than make arrests, the number of misdemeanor arrests may fall.