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The Impact of Proposition 47 on Crime and Recidivism

By Mia Bird, Magnus Lofstrom, Brandon Martin, Steven Raphael

Passed by voters in November 2014, Proposition 47 brought broad and significant changes to California's criminal justice system. Undertaken in the wake of ...


Realignment and Recidivism in California

By Mia Bird, Ryken Grattet, Viet Nguyen

The prison population has dropped dramatically, and though jail populations rose, overall incarceration levels have declined. One goal of realignment was to ...


Recidivism of Felony Offenders in California

By Mia Bird, Justin Goss, Viet Nguyen

California's recent corrections reforms aimed to reduce persistently high recidivism rates. In the years following public safety realignment in 2011, ...

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Video: The Impact of Realignment on Recidivism

By Linda Strean

Dec 18, 2017 ... Slightly higher recidivism rates among individuals on post-release community supervision (PRCS). These offenders were released from state prison ...


Public Safety Realignment: Impacts So Far

By Magnus Lofstrom, Brandon Martin

Realignment did not increase violent crime, but auto thefts rose. Research so far shows no dramatic change in recidivism rates. State corrections spending ...

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Recidivism and Realignment

By David Lesher

Aug 26, 2014 ... Recidivism and Realignment ... which looked at recidivism rates for released offenders now being supervised by county probation departments.