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The Rising Cost of College: Student Fees

By Courtney Lee, Jacob Jackson

Mar 14, 2018 ... But tuition is not the only college cost that has been rising. Students also pay fees that cover many non-instructional costs, and between 2013 ...


Higher Education in California: Student Costs

By Jacob Jackson

Increases in tuition across California's public four-year universities have ... Knowing how college costs differ among students can help frame the debate ...


Higher Education in California: Institutional Costs

By Hans Johnson, Patrick Murphy, Margaret Weston, Kevin Cook

Our evaluation of both revenues and expenditures shows that recent tuition increases have been driven by dramatic reductions in state subsidies to UC and CSU.

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Does Guaranteed Tuition Lower College Costs?

By Jacob Jackson

Jun 22, 2016 ... But the policy covers only tuition—so students are still subject to yearly increases in other costs, such as room and board, other fees, and ...