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Fact Sheet

Voter Participation in California

By Mark Baldassare, Lunna Lopes, Dean Bonner, David Kordus

California's voter registration rate has remained fairly consistent over time. ... General election turnout fell 13 percentage points from the November 2010 ...


Voter Turnout in Primary Elections

By Eric McGhee

Examining primary voting trends over time, this report analyzes voter behavior and the potential impact of electoral reforms in this stage of the election cycle ...

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California’s Voter Turnout Problem

By Eric McGhee

Nov 19, 2014 ... Voter turnout in California's 2014 midterm election was awful. It looks to have hit a new low, with about 42 percent of registered voters ...

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How Can California Increase Voter Turnout?

By Linda Strean

Jun 10, 2014 ... Days after a California primary that may set a record for low voter turnout, election experts gathered to take stock: What happened last ...


Putting California’s Voter Turnout in Context

By Eric McGhee, Daniel Krimm

Fall presidential elections continue to draw voters as well today as they did 35 years ago. Thus, if we are concerned about turnout in California, ...