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Storing Water for Dry Days

By Lori Pottinger

Sep 21, 2017 ... PPIC: What should every Californian know about storing water? Jay Lund: Thanks to our Mediterranean climate, California has a very long dry ...

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How California’s Water Bond Is Being Spent

By Jelena Jezdimirovic, Ellen Hanak

Dec 13, 2017 ... The money is broken into seven funding categories. The bond language preauthorized $2.7 billion for water storage projects. For the other six ...


California’s Water: Storing Water

By Ellen Hanak, Jay Lund, Jeffrey Mount, Jason Gurdak ...

An extensive storage system plays a critical role in the state's water ... a number of ways to improve the management of reservoirs and groundwater basins ...

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How Water Bonds Plug Spending Holes

By Annabelle Rosser, Caitrin Chappelle

Jun 7, 2021 ... Funding for new water storage projects—which involve long lead times—has been the slowest out the door; just over $150 million of the $2.7 ...

Fact Sheet

Climate Change and California’s Water

By Jeffrey Mount, Daniel Swain, Paul Ullrich

Strategic investments can reduce the impacts from more intense droughts and floods. To increase groundwater storage, upgrading water conveyance infrastructure ...

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How Is California Spending the Water Bond?

By Ellen Hanak, Jelena Jezdimirovic

Jun 16, 2016 ... No funds have been awarded yet for water storage, another key area for boosting drought resilience. This has led to some criticism that the pace ...

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What It Means to Store Water for the Environment

By Sarah Bardeen

Jul 26, 2021 ... Reservoirs were built for other uses, like water supply, hydropower, or flood protection. We have to think about how storing water for the ...


What If California’s Drought Continues?

By Ellen Hanak, Jay Lund, Jeffrey Mount, Peter Moyle ...

Water Availability in a Hot, Dry Time. During droughts, California relies on water stored in surface reservoirs and especially groundwater basins to help offset ...

Fact Sheet

Groundwater Recharge in California

By Alvar Escriva-Bou, Gokce Sencan, Ellen Hanak

Supply sources include local floodwaters, surface water imported from other regions, and recycled water. Groundwater banks can make underground storage ...