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Reengaging Citizens in the Initiative Process

By Mark Baldassare

7 days ago ... Most importantly, political and election reforms that lead to a better functioning ... Political Landscape · Population · Water, Land & Air.

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Video: Californians and Education

By Vicki Hsieh

May 6, 2022 ... PPIC's Rachel Lawler and Dean Bonner discuss key takeaways from our latest statewide survey, which examines Californians' views on public ...

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Video: Building California’s Future

By Mary Severance

May 4, 2022 ... PPIC's Lande Ajose talks with an expert panel of state and local leaders about infrastructure's critical role in promoting opportunity, ...

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Californians Sour on State and Local Tax System

By Dean Bonner

Apr 15, 2022 ... Record-high shares of Californians think that they pay more in taxes than they should—and that the state and local tax system is not fair.

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Video: Californians and Their Government

By Stephanie Barton

Apr 1, 2022 ... PPIC fielded its latest statewide survey soon after Russia invaded Ukraine, as gas and consumer prices were rising and COVID cases falling ...