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California’s Plunging Birth Rates

By Hans Johnson

Jan 26, 2023 ... California birth rates are at record lows ... Moreover, California's total fertility rate (the number of births a woman will have in her lifetime) ...

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What’s Next for California’s K–12 Enrollment?

By Julien Lafortune, Emmanuel Prunty, Vicki Hsieh

Dec 9, 2021 ... Fertility rates have fallen by nearly 33% since 1990 in California, and the California Department of Finance projects an additional 9% ...


Groundwater and Urban Growth in the San Joaquin Valley

By Andrew Ayres, Ellen Hanak, Henry McCann, David Mitchell ...

In addition, the fertility rate in valley counties is among the highest in the ... (For more on per-capita water use and trends, see Figure 8 below and ...

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California’s New Baby Bust

By Hans Johnson, Eric McGhee

Jun 4, 2021 ... Birth rates are not just falling in California: since 2007, the fertility rate across the country has fallen from 2.1 to 1.6.


California’s Future

By Ellen Hanak, Laura Hill, Hans Johnson, Caroline Danielson ...

This multi-topic publication highlights the state's most pressing long-term policy challenges in several key areas: criminal justice, economy, education, ...

California Counts, Report

Birth Rates in California

By Hans Johnson

In this edition of California Counts, PPIC researchers explore changing birth rates and fertility trends in the state, and find that in some counties, ...