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blog post

Who Is the California Voter?

By Stephanie Barton

Nov 8, 2022 ... It's Election Day, and a near record-high share of eligible voters are registered to vote in the Golden State: more than 80%, ...

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Video: Californians and Their Government

By Stephanie Barton

Nov 4, 2022 ... As the election approaches, over half of likely voters (56%) say they would ... In competitive districts, a majority prefer the Democrat.

Statewide Survey

PPIC Statewide Survey: Californians and Their Government

By Mark Baldassare, Dean Bonner, Rachel Lawler, Deja Thomas

Oct 14, 2022 ... The 2022 midterm election also features a closely divided Congress, ... among residents in Republican districts (39%), Republicans (30%), ...

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Video: 2022 Election Preview

By Vicki Hsieh

Oct 14, 2022 ... photo - Line of People Waitng to Vote for an Election ... for Latino voters to have more of a voice with the new maps, said Mai-Duc.


2022 Election Preview

With one month to go before a highly consequential election, what does the political landscape look like in California and the nation?