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How Water Bonds Plug Spending Holes

By Annabelle Rosser, Caitrin Chappelle

Jun 7, 2021 ... In fact, bonds have helped fund water's fiscal orphans—critical activities that lack stable, long-term funding sources—including providing ...

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Paying for California’s Water System

By Caitrin Chappelle, Ellen Hanak, Annabelle Rosser

Water and wastewater rates have been rising as utilities invest in system upgrades. · State bonds play a key role in funding fiscal orphans.

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Managing Freshwater Ecosystems in a Pandemic

By Jeffrey Mount

Jun 8, 2020 ... In our work on water system finance, we've called ecosystems a “fiscal orphan” because they lack a reliable and adequate funding source.

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Climate Change and California’s Water

By Jeffrey Mount, Daniel Swain, Paul Ullrich

But the state's water system also has numerous “fiscal orphans”—areas where available funding is far below ongoing needs and there is no straightforward way ...

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Voters Favor New Water Bond. What Are They Missing?

By Ellen Hanak, Mark Baldassare

Aug 13, 2018 ... In California's $2.7 trillion economy, filling the gaps for water's “fiscal orphans” should be manageable. But this will require a focused ...

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Paying for Water’s “Fiscal Orphans”

By Lori Pottinger

Jul 9, 2018 ... The most prominent of these “fiscal orphans” are safe drinking water for disadvantaged rural communities, flood management, ...

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Governor’s Budget Banks on Voters Passing Water Bond

By Caitrin Chappelle, Henry McCann

Feb 7, 2018 ... Bond funds have generally gone to “fiscal orphans”—areas of public and environmental health that do not have adequate alternative sources of ...

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The High Cost of Fixing Levees

By Jeffrey Mount

Feb 23, 2017 ... Indeed, flood management remains one of the water sector's most prominent “fiscal orphans,” with one of the biggest funding gaps compared to ...

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Ruling Muddies Waters on Clean Water Act

By Brian Gray

Sep 19, 2016 ... Because stormwater compliance lacks a steady funding source, it is one of California's “fiscal orphans,” with an annual funding gap of ...