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Fact Sheet

Immigrants in California

By Cesar Alesi Perez, Marisol Cuellar Mejia, Hans Johnson

11 hours ago ... California is home to almost 11 million immigrants—about a quarter of the foreign-born population nationwide. More than half (55%) of ...

Fact Sheet

California’s Population

By Hans Johnson, Eric McGhee, Marisol Cuellar Mejia

13 hours ago ... After a decade of sluggish growth, California's population declined during the pandemic. More than a quarter of Californians are immigrants; ...

blog post

California’s Native American Community

By Eric McGhee

Nov 15, 2022 ... All Native Americans have relatively high home ownership rates, and among the highest rates of citizenship of any racial or ethnic group.

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Who Is the California Voter?

By Stephanie Barton

Nov 8, 2022 ... Likely voters tend to be older, white, affluent, college educated, and homeowners. Nonvoters, on the other hand, are more likely to be ...


Making Sense of California’s Economy

By Sarah Bohn, Marisol Cuellar Mejia, Julien Lafortune, Vicki Hsieh

The COVID-19 pandemic upended the status quo—changing how we work and where we live, snarling global supply chains, driving rapid price increases, and prompting ...

blog post

The Politics of Leaving California

By Eric McGhee, Hans Johnson

Oct 17, 2022 ... Even so, broader political differences about the role of government in society could still be a factor in some migration decisions.

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California’s Hispanic Community

By Eric McGhee

Oct 5, 2022 ... Hispanic Californians have lower educational attainment, homeownership, and income than many other racial or ethnic groups, ...