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Fact Sheet

California’s Likely Voters

By Mark Baldassare, Dean Bonner, Rachel Lawler, Deja Thomas

More than eight in ten eligible Californians are registered to vote—one of the highest registration rates on record for a primary election year.


California’s Future

By Ellen Hanak, Laura Hill, Hans Johnson, Caroline Danielson ...

This multi-topic publication highlights the state's most pressing long-term policy challenges in several key areas: criminal justice, economy, education, ...

Fact Sheet

Public Pensions in California

By Radhika Mehlotra, Patrick Murphy

The state adopted a plan in 2015–16 to begin prefunding these benefits with equal contributions from the state and employees. Prefunding retiree health care ...

blog post

Video: Gavin Newsom’s Priorities

By Linda Strean

Nov 15, 2017 ... ... face growing public employee pension and health care liabilities. ... of 40% of their general fund will go to retiree contributions.

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DACA and California’s Future

By Hans Johnson

Sep 7, 2017 ... ... in the face of unprecedented increases in the number of retirees. ... them and help provide for their healthcare and other needs.


Will California Run Out of College Graduates?

By Hans Johnson, Sarah Bohn, Marisol Cuellar Mejia

The core of a new plan for higher education should include increasing ... In addition, extending the projections to 2030 incorporates the retirement of the ...

Fact Sheet

Public Pension Liabilities in California

By Kevin Cook

For many of these retirees, the state is also covering the cost of health care benefits. California's public pension systems are underfunded at historic levels.