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Land Transitions and Dust in the San Joaquin Valley

By Andrew Ayres, Jaymin Kwon, Joy Collins

Jul 25, 2022 ... Along with dust from paved and unpaved roads, the two largest sources of ... (14) In these cases, construction periods may see elevated dust ...


Groundwater and Urban Growth in the San Joaquin Valley

By Andrew Ayres, Ellen Hanak, Henry McCann, David Mitchell ...

... substantial hardscape in urban development (buildings, pavement, roads, etc.) ... This policy sets housing construction targets at different levels of ...


California’s Future

By Ellen Hanak, Laura Hill, Hans Johnson, Caroline Danielson ...

This multi-topic publication highlights the state's most pressing long-term policy challenges in several key areas: criminal justice, economy, education, ...

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Reducing Flood Risk in the Central Valley

By Lori Pottinger

Nov 19, 2019 ... Near term, we also need to fund the necessary operations and maintenance for the system we have now. It's a universal problem that affects ...

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How Climate Change Drives Disaster Cascades

By Lori Pottinger

Jan 29, 2019 ... For example, we call for updating design and maintenance codes to enhance ... in working together to improve resilience down the road.

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Managing Forests to Reduce Wildfire Risks

By Henry McCann, Van Butsic, Claudia Herbert

Aug 20, 2018 ... ... risk in the Sierra's mixed-conifer forests, and both usually require heavy equipment, access roads, and expertise in forest dynamics.