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Making Sense of California’s Economy

By Sarah Bohn, Marisol Cuellar Mejia, Julien Lafortune, Vicki Hsieh

Upward mobility is a steep climb. High income inequality in California coincides with high levels of poverty and stagnant upward mobility. About 6.3 million ...


Employment Patterns for CalFresh Adults

By Tess Thorman, Caroline Danielson

New employers may appear to offer participants upward economic mobility through greater earnings at the risk of higher job instability, given our findings ...

Fact Sheet

Income Inequality in California

By Sarah Bohn, Tess Thorman, Joseph Herrera

Jul 12, 2022 ... The COVID-19 pandemic widened the gap between high- and low-income families in California, reflecting the severe, disparate hit to job ...


Understanding the Effects of School Funding

By Julien Lafortune

... and intergenerational mobility (see Jackson and Mackevicius [2021] for a ... Inflation may also put similar upward pressure on district salary and other ...


Targeted K–12 Funding and Student Outcomes

By Julien Lafortune

... and eventual adult earnings and economic mobility (Jackson et al. ... Only in the years following LCFF do we begin to see an upward trend in A–G ...