TITLE: School-to-Career and Post-Secondary Education: Evidence from the Philadelphia Educational Longitudinal Study

AUTHORS: Frank Furstenberg and David Neumark

PAGES: 47      DATE: November 2004

ABSTRACT: School-to-career (STC) programs provide high school students with career information and education to increase their educational attainment and enhance their long-term labor market success. These programs often target sub-groups that are less likely to attend four-year post-secondary institutions. We study a set of programs in Philadelphia that focus on boosting post-secondary enrollment and are less career-oriented than traditional STC programs. We find a strong association between participation in these programs and a wide array of academic outcomes. The findings are generally quite robust and are only slightly attenuated by the introduction of factors that might be indicative of selection. Finally, there is some evidence that the effects of these programs were greater for at-risk students, especially those whose mothers have at most a high school education.

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