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2020: Year in Review



In contentious times, PPIC is promoting constructive dialogue.

We believe in the power of good information to spark dialogue, change minds, and inspire solutions to the most pressing challenges facing the state.  Amid increased political polarization, there is distinctive value in PPIC’s ability to convene diverse stakeholders, encourage constructive discussion about difficult issues, and share that dialogue with a broad audience.

The coronavirus pandemic greatly accelerated our efforts to make our successful in-person events available to a wider online audience. Since March, all PPIC events—more than two dozen in 2020—have been virtual, available on a variety of platforms, and free to all. We have welcomed thousands of participants at virtual convenings. Significantly, we are seeing solid interest from across the state, allowing us to broaden the reach of our work.

PPIC’s 2020 Speaker Series on California’s Future brought together thought leaders from across the political and geographic spectrum with a common goal—to think critically, constructively, and collabora­tively about realistic solutions to our current challenges. The series relies on the support of leading corporate and philanthropic partners.

We hosted 13 events in this series, plus an event in our annual Sutton Family Speaker Series. This is by far the largest number of speaker series events we have hosted in any one year—but the need for dialogue is also greater than ever.

Highlights include:
Image: a selection of participants for the 2020 Speaker Series on California's Future

Image of Ellen Hanak opening video for Building a Water Resilient California eventFinally, the PPIC Water Policy Center’s annual conference transformed into a multi-day virtual series, providing thought-provoking discussion about the shifting water landscape and key priorities for local, state, and federal action. The conference was supported by the Water Policy Center’s annual contributors, and the discussions were informed by an overview report, Priorities for California’s Water.

With support from our sponsors, PPIC will continue to bring diverse experts and leaders together to encourage conversations about improving opportunity for Californians across the state.