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2020: Year in Review



PPIC’s operating revenue comes from a range of sources. Operating revenue from donors consists of foundation grants, gifts from individual and corporate donors, and federal grants. Gifts and grants supplement the use of funds in hand to cover operating expenses.

Program-related expenses make up the majority of PPIC’s operating expenses. PPIC has a high level of program efficiency, meaning the amount of each dollar dedicated to achieving the mission of the organization is significant. PPIC’s program efficiency was 77% in FY20 compared to 79% the prior year.

The results presented here are derived from our audited financials.

Contributions by Donor Type

Chart: Contributions by Donor Type

Program Efficiency

Chart: Program Efficiency

Statement of Revenue, Expenses, and Assets FY 2020

Operating Revenue
Individual $ 831,514
Corporate 285,500
Foundation 1,978,692
Government 291,183
Other 228,100
$ 3,614,989
Operating Expenses
Program $ 13,099,018
Development 559,878
Management and general 3,315,164
Total $ 16,974,060
Cash and cash equivalents $ 2,590,495
Receivable 7,445,992
Investments 267,886,235
Prepaid and other assets 1,891,002
Fixed Assets 23,696,108
Total $ 303,509,832
Liabilities and Net Assets
Liabilities $ 35,867,878
Net Assets 267,641,954
Total $ 303,509,832