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2020: Year in Review



PPIC research is informing decisions on critical issues.

In 2020, we published influential reports on key issues facing California, from the role of higher education in driving economic mobility to racial disparities in arrests to challenges facing the 2020 Census. During a tumultuous election, our surveys channeled the public’s opinions of their candidates and policy choices.

We communicate our work through diverse and flexible products―from in-depth reports to fact sheets to blog posts to video briefings―and an expanding social media presence. And our numerous online events―from small briefings to large-scale conferences―engage Californians across the state.

One example of our influence? Despite legislative activity in Sacramento being truncated by the pandemic, PPIC was cited in the bill text or analysis of 115 bills during the 2019–2020 legislative session, 32 of which were signed into law.

photo - Man in HandcuffsPPIC’s research on racial disparities in arrests was cited in two pieces of legislation, including AB 332, signed into law by Governor Newsom. AB 332 creates a new reporting requirement to disclose peace officer performance while in the academy.

image of Kern Water Bank recharge pondsResearch from the PPIC Water Policy Center was cited in numerous bills on topics ranging from clean drinking water to water treatment. AB 658, signed into law by the governor, cited PPIC’s research on groundwater in the San Joaquin Valley.

image of Kern Water Bank recharge pondsAB 1172 cited PPIC’s research on special education finance. The legislation, which was signed into law, will require non-religious schools to train staff in the use evidence-based practices to address the unique behavioral needs of the students they serve.

photo of students walking on UCSD campusThe work of the PPIC Higher Education Center continues to receive numerous legislative citations. Recently, the center’s report on financing higher education capital projects was cited in AB 48, which placed a $15 billion higher education facilities bond on the March 2020 ballot.

image of mother grocery shopping with childPPIC’s work on children’s participation in nutrition programs was cited in legislation aimed at improving child health and well-being. AB 1377 was signed into law; it would develop a statewide process for using data in order to increase CalFresh enrollment.