Noel Perry

Noel Perry is the founder and managing director of Baccharis Capital, Inc., a private venture capital firm. Based in San Mateo, the company focuses on early-stage investments in educational software, educational toys, organic food, health, and other consumer products. He is also deeply involved in a wide range of organizations that serve local, state, and international communities. He is the founder of Next10, which is focused on improving California’s future economy and quality of life, and 100 Families Oakland, a project devoted to strengthening connections among Oakland’s diverse families and neighborhoods. He is the director of Conservation International, which is dedicated to conserving biological diversity and combating global warming. He serves on the boards of the New American Foundation, the Santa Clara University Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, and the California College of the Arts. As a Peace Corps volunteer, he built water tanks and pipe lines in Yemen. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst, and he holds an M.B.A. from George Washington University and a B.A. from the University of Rhode Island.