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Featured Blog Post · October 24, 2023

A Look at Demographic Differences in Poverty across Regions in California

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Families at the top income levels in California earned 11 times more than families at the bottom.
About 1 in 10 California households lack the resources to meet their food needs.
Safety net programs kept more than 19.7% of children out of poverty in fall 2021.
Schools were a key source of food for low-income families despite closures during the pandemic.
At 13.7%, LA County has the highest poverty rate in the state; Central Valley and Sierra region have the lowest at 9.3%.
California’s uninsured rate fell from 17% to 7% after the Affordable Care Act passed in 2014.
More than 1/4 of Californians are living in or near poverty.
55% Most California adults favor providing health care to undocumented immigrants.
64% Most poor families in California are working.

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