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Our Team

Portrait of Hannah Allen

Hannah Allen

Sacramento Center Office Manager

Portrait of Mark  Baldassare

Mark Baldassare

President and Chief Executive Officer

Portrait of Sarah Bardeen

Sarah Bardeen

Center Communications Manager

Portrait of Steven Bliss

Steven Bliss

Director of Digital Strategy

Portrait of Sarah  Bohn

Sarah Bohn

Vice President of Research and Senior Fellow

Portrait of Dean  Bonner

Dean Bonner

Associate Survey Director and Research Fellow

Portrait of Athena  Brekke

Athena Brekke

Director of Information Technology

Portrait of Abby  Cook

Abby Cook

Vice President of Communications and Chief Strategy Officer

Portrait of Kevin  Cook

Kevin Cook

Associate Center Director

Portrait of Alexia  Cortez

Alexia Cortez

Government Affairs Associate

Portrait of Caroline  Danielson

Caroline Danielson

Policy Director and Senior Fellow

Portrait of Elisa Gonzales

Elisa Gonzales

Project Assistant

Portrait of Deborah  Gonzalez

Deborah Gonzalez

Vice President of Government Affairs and Chief Data Officer

Portrait of Ellen  Hanak

Ellen Hanak

Vice President and Director of the Water Policy Center and Senior Fellow

Portrait of Laura Hill

Laura Hill

Policy Director and Senior Fellow

Portrait of Hans Johnson

Hans Johnson

Center Director and Senior Fellow

PPIC Starburst

Skyler Lewis

Project Assistant

Portrait of Emily  Loeschinger

Emily Loeschinger

Senior Executive Assistant and Corporate Secretary

Portrait of Magnus  Lofstrom

Magnus Lofstrom

Policy Director and Senior Fellow

Portrait of Kellie  Longo Flores

Kellie Longo Flores

Deputy Director, Government Affairs

Portrait of Hannah  Noonan

Hannah Noonan

Communications Operations Manager

Portrait of Caitlin Peterson

Caitlin Peterson

Associate Center Director and Research Fellow

Portrait of Cindy Scherer

Cindy Scherer

Vice President of Finance & Administration and Chief Financial Officer

Portrait of Steve  Stuck

Steve Stuck

Systems Administrator and Audio Visual Technician

Portrait of Lynette  Ubois

Lynette Ubois

Director of Content Strategy

Portrait of Lianne Woo

Lianne Woo

Digital Marketing Associate