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Laura Hill
Laura Hill
Policy Director and Senior Fellow

K-12 education, immigrant populations

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Laura Hill is a policy director and senior fellow at the Public Policy Institute of California. Her areas of expertise are K–12 education and immigration. She is currently researching English Learners in California schools, special education, and ESL students in community colleges. Her recent publications examine student achievement on the state’s K–12 assessments and the link between language reclassification policies and student success. Prior to joining PPIC, she was a research associate at the SPHERE Institute and a National Institute of Aging postdoctoral fellow. She holds a PhD in demography and an MA in economics from the University of California, Berkeley.

curriculum vitae

Distance Learning Strategies in California Schools
Surveying the Landscape of California’s English Learner Reclassification Policy
California’s Future
California’s Future: Education
Who Is Losing Ground with Distance Learning in California?
English Learner Trajectories and Reclassification
English as a Second Language in California’s Community Colleges
Academic Progress for English Learners: The Role of School Language Environment and Course Placement in Grades 6-12
K–12 Reforms and California’s English Learner Achievement Gap
Charter Schools and California’s Local Control Funding Formula
Student Achievement and Growth on California’s K-12 Assessments
Undocumented Immigrants in California
Special Education Finance in California
High-Need Students and California’s New Assessments
Implementing California’s School Funding Formula: Will High-Need Students Benefit?
Pathways to Fluency: Examining the Link Between Language Reclassification Policies and Student Success
Reclassification of English Learner Students in California
Access to the Health Care Safety Net in California
California’s English Learner Students
Illegal Immigration
Unauthorized Immigrants in California: Estimates for Counties
English Proficiency of Immigrants
The Immigration and Citizenship Process
Immigrant Legalization: Assessing the Labor Market Effects
Immigrant Pathways to Legal Permanent Residence: Now and Under a Merit-Based System
Out-of-School Immigrant Youth
Who Chooses to Choose Two? Multiracial Identity of Children
Educational Progress Across Immigrant Generations in California
Positive Outcomes from Poor Starts: Predictors of Dropping Back In
Transitions to Work for Racial, Ethnic, and Immigrant Groups
California’s Multiracial Population
The Socioeconomic Well-Being of California’s Immigrant Youth
California’s Newest Immigrants
Understanding the Future of Californians’ Fertility: The Role of Immigrants
New Trends in Newborns: Fertility Rates and Patterns in California
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