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Featured Blog Post · November 1, 2023

California’s Violent Crime Rate Is Diverging from the National Trend

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Fact Cards

Commercial burglary in California rose by 16% from 2019 to 2022.
California’s jail population fell over the last decade, yet those with mental health needs in jails rose to over 50%.
Gun incidents drove well over half of the rise in violent crime since 2019.
Police search Black and Latino drivers more often than white drivers during traffic stops but find contraband less often.
Mass shootings increased 13 times more in the nation than in California during the pandemic.
African Americans make up less than 6% of California’s population but more than 15% of arrests.
1 in 8 Asian Americans experienced hate incidents.
California’s prison population fell by 27,500 prisoners during the pandemic, or 7,500 more than any other state.