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Featured Blog Post · March 9, 2022

How Did California’s Economy Recover from COVID—and What Comes Next?

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Fact Cards

90% Most Californians say housing affordability is a problem in their part of the state.
Immigrants make up a growing share of California workers with college degrees.
69% Percentage of Californians who think the gap between rich and poor is growing in their part of the state.
California’s economy is the 5th largest in the world.
3M The number of jobs lost in California from February to May 2020.
6 in 10 Californians think that when today’s children grow up, they will be worse off financially than their parents.
Since 1980, income among top earners grew by 58%; among lowest earners, income grew by 19%.
2% of California zip codes hold 20% of the state’s wealth.